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The APUEA Magazine is published 3-4 times per year and features articles that cover a broad variety of topics on an urban energy theme.

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APUEA Magazine 19 Cover

APUEA Magazine, Issue 19, April 2024

In the latest edition of the APUEA Magazine, themed The Future of Energy in the Asia Pacific you can read articles on the following topics: Powering Progress and Innovation in Energy, What will it take for India to meet its Cooling needs, Ways to the Future of Energy in APAC, and the Future of Energy: CAaaS Redefines Compressed Air Systems in the Asia Pacific. The Magazine also includes the articles: Residual Heat Will Cut Power Costs and Be Used for Cooling in New Delhi, Interview with Bluebee Technologies, Unleashing Clean Energy: Battery Storage Drives Malaysias's Energy Transition, Interview with KJTS Group, and the latest APUEA activities. We want to thank Informa Markets, Tabreed, BECIS, IVL, Bluebee Technologies and KJTS Group for contributing to this issue of APUEA Magazine.


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