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Natural Gas

  • Market Report Series: Gas 2017 - Executive Summary - English version

    The natural gas market is undergoing a fundamental transformation. Industry has overtaken the power sector as the driving force behind the growing use of gas, thanks to rising demand in places like the People’s Republic of China, developing Asia, the Middle East and the United States. At the same time, structural changes in gas supply and trade are changing the global gas market. Heavily oversupplied markets, the ongoing shale-gas revolution in the United States, the second wave of additional liquefaction capacity from Australia and the US, and the fast-growing LNG trade are disrupting traditional gas business and pricing models. This is forcing market players to redefine their strategies and explore new markets. The IEA’s renamed Gas 2017 market report provides a detailed analysis of supply and trade developments, infrastructure investments, and demand-growth forecast through 2022. It assesses the main changes that will likely transform the gas market, led by rising demand in countries that include China, India, and Pakistan, thanks to ongoing economic growth and relatively low LNG prices. It also explores widening regional differences to traditional gas users, with flat demand forecast in Europe and structural demand decline in Japan.

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  • Natural Gas Information: Overview (2017 edition)

    Natural Gas Information 2017 includes detailed and comprehensive annual data of natural gas supply, demand and trade up to 2015, with provisional data for 2016. For OECD countries, it also contains data of gas consumption by end-use sector up to 2015 and of import and end-use prices up to 2016. For non-OECD countries, data for 2015 are based on data submitted by national administrations, on other available data and on estimates made by the IEA Secretariat: 2016 data for non-OECD countries are estimated by the IEA Secretariat.. This overview from Natural Gas Information 2017 contains a summary of the most recent trends in natural gas production, import prices, imports and demand.

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