April 2020

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Message from the Executive Directors

Dear APUEA Network,

We live in special times at the moment, but I want to inform you that the APUEA secretariat is fully operational and here to support you through this difficult period. The APUEA platform can provide support across the entire Asia Pacific region, with our local representation in Southeast Asia, China, India, and Australia. Our activities in the first quarter included hosting a District Energy Workshop during the India Smart Utility Week in New Delhi and co-hosting a webinar together with Siveco on the topic "Smart Utilities in the Smart City – Supporting the Lifecycle of Energy Infrastructures with Smart O&M".
In this newsletter, we introduce the new issue of the APUEA Magazine - Digital Urban Energy. We are also glad to present our member IVL – Swedish Environmental Research Institute and inform about our supported events. You can also read more about our recent activities.
Please take note of the 2020 APUEA Events Calendar. We hope to see you at one or more of these important gatherings!

Mikael Jakobsson, Executive Director, Asia Pacific Urban Energy Association

APUEA Magazine, Issue 7, March 2020 

The seventh issue of the APUEA Magazine is now available to read and download from our website, http://apuea.org/index.php/magazine/1150-apuea-issue-7-march-2020 

In this issue of the APUEA Magazine, we interview Clay Nesler from Johnson Controls. We explore how thermal energy storage improves district cooling networks and provide more insights into UPS technology for data centers. We also look into Smart O&M, how AI can increase efficiency for heating in buildings, and introduce the potential of waste heat recovery in the Asia Pacific. The issue also includes a summary of the Renewables in Cities 2019 Global Status Report. The magazine includes articles from Johnson Controls, ENGIE, ABB, Siveco China, Leanheat by Danfoss, IVL-Swedish Environmental Research Institute, REN21, and APUEA.

Recent APUEA Activities 

During 2019, APUEA hosted and supported not less than 13 urban energy events in the region. Events were held in Bangkok, Changsha, Hong Kong, Manila, New Delhi, Penang, Seoul, Singapore, and Xian. Read more about our activities in the latest version of the APUEA Magazine (Click the image to the right to access the article).

On March 19, APUEA co-hosted a webinar with Siveco on the topic "Smart Utilities in the Smart City - Supporting the Lifecycle of Energy Infrastructures with Smart O&M". This Webinar is also available on youtube (Click on the image below for access).

The webinar included i) a case study of Chonburi Clean Energy, ii) case studies of other energy and environmental utilities in Asia, iii) information on how to take Smart O&M into account from the design stage, iv) how to use ISO 55000 to drive IT projects, and v) how to achieve rapid, measurable and operational benefits. 

Membership Section - IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute

Each edition of the APUEA Newsletter highlights one of our members. In this issue, it is our pleasure to introduce the IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute.

IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute has a wide environmental profile. We combine applied research and development with close collaboration between industry and the public sphere. Our consultancy is evidence-based, and our research is characterized by interdisciplinary science and system thinking.

IVL was jointly founded in 1966 by the Swedish state and national business interests to carry out research on industrial air and water issues. Today we are an environmental agency concentrating on much more. Common to all of our assignments is the interaction between ecological, economic, and social perspectives. We employ 300 engineers, behavioral scientists, chemists, marine biologists, biologists, political scientists, journalists, business developers, and economists – to name only a few. We also possess exceptional specialist skills – a fourth of our employees have doctorates.

Our core values are credibility, foresight, and a holistic perspective. Our vision is a sustainable society. We are pushing the transition to a sustainable society by taking science to society, turning environmental problems into opportunities, and bending linear processes into a circular economy.


APUEA Supported Events

APUEA Event Calendar 2020

June 16 - 19, Asia Clean Energy Forum, Manila, The Philippines
APUEA Activity: Co-host an Urban Energy "Deep Dive Workshop".

August, Asia Pacific Urban Energy Conference, Xian, P.R. China
APUEA Activity: Co-hosting together with Fengxi New Energy.

September 16 - 18, ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week, Bangkok, Thailand
APUEA Activity: 1. APUEA AGM 2020 2. Co-host the "Smart Energy for Smart Cities Workshop"  3. Co-host the "Sustainable Urban Energy Seminar".

September 21, Asia Pacific Economical Cooperation (APEC) DHCS Workshop, Hong Kong
APUEA Activity: Participating.

September 22 - 24, Enlit Asia 2020, Jakarta, Indonesia
APUEA Activity: Supporting partner.

October, Asia Pacific Forum on Low Carbon Development, Changsha, P.R. China
APUEA Activity: Supporting partner including co-hosting workshops and other activities.

November, Asia Pacific Cooling Summit, Chennai, India
APUEA Activity: Co-hosting Organization.

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