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cover of APUEA magazine Issue 2 2018

In this issue of the APUEA Magazine, we interview Engie’s Michael Schack, provide insights on the integration and forecasting of renewable energy as well how campuses can become 100% renewable. We also look into electrification of the transport sector including EV-charging infrastructure and provide updates on recent APUEA activities.

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The inaugural FT Climate Finance Asia Summit brings together leading Asia companies, investors and financiers to explore the developing trends and emerging opportunities in Asia’s low-carbon transition - from the rise of sustainable investment in Asia to challenges of translating Nationally Determined Commitments (NDCs ) into projects  and the growth of green bonds as an important new source of finance for companies across the region. APUEA members are entitled to a 20% off the ticket, using the discount code APUEA.  For more information, please visit